Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Salt Dough Ornaments

These are so fun and easy to make. It's a super fun craft to do with your kiddos. Mine helped me, and they are so proud of their ornaments. What is better than that??

Recipe for Salt Dough:

3 cups flour
1 1/4 cups warm water
1 cup salt

Heat oven to 250. Roll out dough. We used cookie cutters to make our shapes. But we also made snowmen by hand. (I will post those pics later!)

Don't forget to make your holes for your ornaments to hang!! Bake about 45 min to an hour.

Let cool and then paint, decorate and glitterize!!!

This is also a great gift for your kids to give to grandparents.


  1. I really like the word glitterize :o) That's so tinsel!

  2. Yes, my toilets were glitterized with elf pee last night... at least it IS glittery and sparkly... not pukey green. lol

  3. I knew elf pee had to have glitter in it!

  4. Hey I made the ornaments but mine were a little doughy still. They are hard but when you touch them they will make a dent. Maybe I didn't cook them long enough. Oh well they will do. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Hey Amy! I had a batch that did that, too. I had to cook them a bit longer... I think it's trial and error on how long to cook them, and especially if it's a more humid day.