Thursday, January 6, 2011

Still obsessing....

I'm still at it... obsessing about making flowers... making barrettes, pins and rings... oh, it's so FUN!!


  1. these are so cute! are you selling them?? My girls need some!! ;-)

    - Suzy in texas (now)

  2. Suzy, I am making them... not selling them! I can totally send you some!! I'm glad you like them!! :)

  3. How absolutely adorable! I love them and now I wish I had a girl to make them for. Maybe with the next one but for now i don't think my husband would like to come home to see our 20 month old with a bow in his hair! LOL! Seriously, so cute and you need to be selling them! :)

    Stopping by from Southern Mommas! Hope you have a great day! Come by for a visit and some southern food if you get the chance!